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2012 pharmacy trend overview

Complex forces are at work to push drug spending both up and down. Learn how they can impact your prescription benefit strategy.
February 2012 Issue 5

Pharmacy migration update

We continue to work closely with Medco to ensure a smooth transition of members to OptumRx. In 2013 we will transition all services currently handled by Medco to OptumRx.

Hepatitis C update

Updated cost and utilization patterns for the new hepatitis C drugs. Plus, still-newer drugs in development and our cost management steps.

New customer website – uhc.com/pharmacy

Our new customer website has the latest news and information you need to manage your pharmacy plan – anytime – www.uhc.com/pharmacy.

How our PDL reduces drug costs

Drug classes must be managed over time as new drugs arrive and older drugs go generic or switch to OTC status. See how we do it.

Letter from the
Chief Pharmacy

Susan V. Maddux
Pharm D. BCPS
Chief Pharmacy Officer

February 2012 Issue 5

In this issue

  • 2012 pharmacy trend overview
  • Pharmacy migration update
  • Hepatitis C update
  • New customer website – uhc.com/pharmacy
  • How our PDL reduces drug costs

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Letter from the Chief
Pharmacy Officer

Hello and welcome once again to the current issue of Pharmacy InFocus. It’s hard to believe that we’re already almost a full month into the new year, but I don’t think it’s too late for me to extend my personal best wishes to you for a satisfying and productive 2012.   I’m very pleased to be able to bring you this revised and refreshed version of the magazine. In addition to the new look, we’ve also worked hard to make the articles easier to find, easier to read and easier to share with others. So please, take a few moments to explore our new home.  As we all know, the pace of business seems to get faster every day. So another change you’ll see from us in 2012 is that we aim to make Pharmacy InFocus a more frequent offering. By increasing to a six-issues-per-year tempo we hope to make the magazine fresher and more immediate, so that it can serve your information needs in a timely way.   Finally, I want to draw your attention to one of the shorter articles in this edition, but one we’re all thrilled about. It’s the announcement that our new client website is now live. Now, between the new Pharmacy InFocus and the new website, you can find the very latest news and information you need to manage your pharmacy plan – anytime.   Thank you for reading Pharmacy InFocus. As always, we want to know what you think. Just click on the “Send us your feedback” link, just below.


Susan V. Maddux, Pharm.D., BCPS
Chief Pharmacy Officer