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Taking control of diabetes

Help your employees fight the #1 disease in the nation with education and drug management programs designed to help them prevent or control diabetes.
March 2011 Issue 3

At the pharmacy savings

No generics? No problem. See how we’re helping your employees save at the pharmacy.

Health care reform

Your employees may now use their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) debit cards to pay for over-the- counter prescribed drugs.

Help curb antibiotic resistance

To avoid resistance, antibiotics must be taken only for conditions where they will be effective and for the full treatment regimen. It’s important to limit unnecessary antibiotic use — flu shots can help.

Reduce the impact of medication inflation

Drug benefit management strategies help make health care costs more affordable. Understand the factors that can impact drug prices.

Letter from the
Chief Pharmacy

Susan V. Maddux
Pharm D. BCPS
Chief Pharmacy Officer

March 2011 Issue 3

In this issue

  • Taking control of diabetes
  • At the pharmacy savings
  • Health care reform
  • Help curb antibiotic resistance
  • Reduce the impact of medication inflation

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Letter from the Chief
Pharmacy Officer

UnitedHealthcare takes pride in how our benefit extends beyond just covering high-value medications at the lowest cost. It also encompasses the member experience and the important interactions they have with their doctor and pharmacist.

Your employees expect pharmacists to provide medication and condition information. They also expect them to have an understanding of their pharmacy benefit, which can be a difficult task given the number and complexity of health care plans.

To help our network pharmacies make the claims transaction an easier one for our members, we provide extensive messaging to pharmacists that helps better explain the benefit to their customers and offers suggestions for better value options. To further reduce questions or delays in filling a prescription, we are currently working on new capabilities that will make your employees’ experience even easier.

We will continue to innovate on behalf of your employees – at the pharmacy and anywhere else we can make a positive impact with their pharmacy benefit.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Pharmacy InFocus, and please be sure to email us at pharmacy_news@uhc.com if you have suggestions for future articles.


Susan V. Maddux, Pharm.D., BCPS
Chief Pharmacy Officer