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Multiple sclerosis: A complex, costly challenge

Learn more about MS, plus management techniques for better outcomes and lower costs.
February, 2014 Issue 15

Dirk McMahon: Looking ahead to 2014

OptumRx CEO Dirk McMahon gives his insight into the priorities that will drive OptumRx over the coming year.

New webinar playback: Clinical synchronization

Clinical synchronization is a powerful new approach to managing total healthcare costs. See how it works.

Update: Compounding Pharmacies

A new law regulates compounding pharmacies — read our response.

Webinar playback: Managing specialty under medical

Learn how managing specialty medications under the medical benefit can provide significant clinical and economic value from industry leaders.

Letter from the
Chief Pharmacy

Susan V. Maddux
PharmD. BCPS,
Chief Pharmacy Officer

February, 2014 Issue 15

In this issue

  • Dirk McMahon: Looking ahead to 2014
  • New webinar playback: Clinical synchronization
  • Update: Compounding Pharmacies
  • Webinar playback: Managing specialty under medical

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Letter from the Chief
Pharmacy Officer


Welcome to this edition of Pharmacy InFocus, a web-based newsletter for customers with pharmacy benefits administered through OptumRx.

Our goal is to closely monitor market trends in the pharmaceutical industry on behalf of our customers, consultants and brokers. Then, we put these trends into perspective to bring clarity and aid action.

Pharmacy InFocus also helps promote an increased understanding of our unique value story, including a total health care approach to pharmacy management, aggressive Prescription Drug List strategies and consumer engagement through communications and tools that support sound decision making.

We especially want to encourage an open dialogue with you. Look for the “Send us your feedback” button on the lower right-hand side of the main page and tell us what you think about our articles.


Susan V. Maddux, Pharm.D., BCPS
Chief Pharmacy Officer